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Wedding Hashtags

Have you jumped on the the latest craze of wedding hashtags? Having your own unique hashtag is a great way to collect more photos from your wedding and share your event with those who couldn't be with you on the day.

Choosing the right hashtag is important. Be sure you do your research to check that it's not already in use or your photos could get lost in a sea of photos and videos of strangers. If using your surname, you also need be careful of mispellings - you don't want #SmithersJonesWedding used instead of #SmythersJonesWedding.

Your hashtags can be anything you want it to be: funny, inspired by real life or you can keep it simple. You can play with the name of the venue, wedding theme, date, names, month, shared interests - just about anything!

Some examples are:


Be sure to put reminders in strategic places before and at the ceremony. Include a note with the invitations, add it to your social media platforms, have signs up around the ceremony and reception venues and have it printed on the back of your guests place cards - and you will be enjoying the extra photos and videos in no time!

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